Khunu clothing represents what we love at North Outlook – well made and so sophisticated, it can go from high adventure adrenalin to low-key city cool with true adventurer aplomb.  AND it meets and outdoes every standard you could throw at it. Our first stock supported Khunu Yak garments are NOW STOCKED AND AVAILABLE IN NORTH AMERICA : the Hemingway and the Snood.  

Khunu Navy Hemingway, sizes S-XXLNavy Hemingway, sizes  S to XXL – shop now

hemingway-black-khunuBlack Hemingway, sizes  S to XXL – shop now


Green Hemingway, sizes  S to XXL – shop now


Blue Snood, prepare for loving it – shop now


Green Snood, your new go to winter grab – shop now


Green/Black Snood, moody weather, moody color – shop now

From plateau to product. Khunu is responsibly sourced yak wool, beautifully knit to last a lifetime. Khunu gives an attention to detail that barely survived the industrial revolution, got lost in globalization, and came back to us as Khunu knitwear.

Try a few of these Hemingway adjectives on for size – wicking, warming, wind proof, breathable, bracing, kidney hugging, soft and hard wearing and finely, cleverly spun for avoiding the “pill”.  Now try the Hemingway.  You won’t regret it.

The Khunu story is as amazing as the product, all adventure and perseverance.  Read about Khunu here and see what the fuss is all about.

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More about North Outlook

As a Scottish-Scandinavian-American couple, we naturally focus on the north for inspiration. We see the world like this: we are responsible for our now. We’re not going to wait to live it. We keep our minds open and and our bodies strong.  We’re ready for the future but living our life now.   A mindful carpe diem.

We’ve set high standards for finding companies to present to you, basing them on noble, natural fibers, quality construction, and performance for outdoor adventure, urban confidence and home comfort.  So far we’ve found 2 unique companies that meet our criteria and we’ve got our own project in the works.

There’s KHUNU, for equally refined yak and yak wool blended knits for people who like action.  KHUNU garments are so well made and so sophisticated, they go from high adventure adrenalin to low-key city cool with true adventurer aplomb.  Available through our site and

There’s FINDRA for polished and tasteful merino active-wear for women.  That’s an active that works for us on mountain bike and cross-country ski trails, running tracks and country or city cycling commutes – right into the office or work environment. We highly recommend FINDRA.  Available at

There’s SLEEP LIKE A SWEDE, our own undercover project of blankets and throws for good living, post effort…napping.  Stay tuned on this one.

KHUNU is now stocked in North America for easy ordering.  FINDRA available through their UK site.  SLEEP LIKE A SWEDE is a work in progress.  Keep your eye on North Outlook.   We’re keeping our eye on good product for you.  

                                                                  – Diane and James Welstead, founders, North Outlook

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Fashion-led, award-winning mountain and performance bike wear and outdoor apparel that you can be equally pleased to wear on your city commute.  FINDRA started out being designed specifically for women, using seamless technology for friction-free comfort and lightweight, high performance materials, creating innovative clothing that looks good, feels good and performs well. FINDRA’s merino collection comes in beautiful, subdued hues, the antithesis of in-your-face logos and retina-popping colors. There is no “shrink it and pink it”* in the FINDRA Collection, instead there’s a “sophisticate it and perfect it” for the active woman.  NOW INCLUDING FINDRA FOR MEN – DESIGNED BY DEMAND.  Merino for men, for life’s adventures, and for exploring more.

We believe in the  FINDRA Collection.  Check it out!  (No kick-backs, no fees to us.  We’re just looking out for you at North Outlook.)


*The industry’s standard solution for women’s sportswear.

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North Outlook llc headquarters at 15-17 Duer Place, 2nd floor, Weehawken, New Jersey 07086.

North American returns to Diane at North Outlook, PO Box 92, Woolrich, PA 17779.

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